Tree Services

Daniel Ryan Tree Surgery works around Chichester and the surrounding areas of West Sussex, East Sussex and Hampshire. Fully qualified in all areas of tree surgery.

We pride ourselves on our professional knowledge & reliable approach to tree surgery and do our up-most to help our clients with trees of all shapes and sizes; from the unruly to the almost-perfect.

We offer all types of tree services which include but are not limited to:

  • Crown reductions: Reducing the size of top of the tree by removing the upper limbs & branches to give the tree a healthier look whilst allowing more light into your garden.
  • Crown Thinning: Removing the density of the tree such as over-lapping branches whilst maintaining the body.
  • Crown Lifting: Removing particular branches from the lower section of the tree head or stump which may be causing an obstacle or obstruction to vehicles or persons.
  • Felling: Removing the tree from your land. There are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed such as; disease, size, shape, hazardous positioning etc.
  • Pruning/ Shaping: Shaping the tree to clients requirements. Not only will it look good, the tree will be healthier, more manageable whilst growing productively.
  • Hedge trimming: Trimming the hedge to the desired size, height and shape
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: Grinding the remaining stump to a reduced height (underground) thus reducing the risk from trip/fall and re-utilise the space in you garden.
  • Dead Wood Removal: Removing Deadwood in the effected areas whilst ensuring the rest of the tree is not effected. Without severing the deadwood the tree will create an unsafe environment and appear unhealthy.
  • Pollarding: Removal of branches to keep trees at a recognised and exact height as one another, whilst encouraging growth
  • Tree Planting: We will provide and plant the trees you request.
    Dan Ryan Tree Surgery provides a range of tree services to a wide range of people, whether you are a business, home owner, organisation, University or school we are here to help look after your trees.

We offer a free quotation service